Thank you

Thank you

Thank you for the fantastic article about my parents, the Lone Soldier Center and me (Rockland Jewish Standard, January 2013). My mother called me where I’m stationed in Israel when she received the article and read to me the whole thing word for word.

I had just thought my story was plain and average until you formulated it into an inspirational article. Every time someone would poke fun or mock the fact that I had returned to the IDF, “throwing away” my freedom, for a war that “didn’t lift off the ground” so to speak, I would think about your fantastic article. It would remind me why I am here and why I returned. It wasn’t about fighting and being a hero, but about the knowledge that I was prepared to die for my country and sacrifice my freedom for my comrades and for something I believe in.

It has been so difficult to keep in touch with friends and family while in the army. My unit has been carrying out many very intense and long military exercises that require us to be in the wilderness without phones or any sort of contact to civilization. This has been going on ever since the ceasefire began, and we are ready for any serious violation of the agreement between Israel and Hamas. 

Thank you for your support and patience in the making of this article and thank you for making my parents so proud.

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