Thank you to our soldiers

Thank you to our soldiers

Rabbi emeritus, Temple Avodat Shalom, River Edge, Reform

Your lead editorial called “They also serve,” (August 8) was poignant and on point. Our military personnel and our diplomats, as well as those people who work for other agencies of our government, deserve our gratitude and our prayers.

As I reflect back from the perch of six weeks into retirement, I am grateful that I was inspired by the overseas assignments of two young men from our synagogue to add to our Temple Avodat Shalom worship a prayer for our soldiers and foreign service personnel, along with our prayers for Israel and America. I am equally proud that this addition continues to be recited by my successor, Rabbi Paul Jacobson.

As we approach the Days of Awe, may all of us remember with gratitude our fellow Americans who risk their lives for our right to live in freedom with security.