Thank you, Frank Lautenberg

Thank you, Frank Lautenberg

Sen. Frank Lautenberg was a decent, devoted, and dedicated public servant (“You can take the kid out of Paterson…” June 7). He was a strong supporter of the state of Israel and peace in the Middle East. He proposed and supported the transfer station in Secaucus and he proposed strong legislation to end smoking on airplanes. A caring, sincere person, he helped a lot of people.

I met Sen. Lautenberg a few times. I was impressed by his candor, honesty, and decency, and by his willingness to help people. In all of my endeavors selling real estate and my effort to sell three World War II movies to Hollywood, he always had a positive and kind work of encouragement.

Even in ill health, he was still fighting to help the people of New Jersey. He advocated strongly for the ARC Tunnel and for financial relief for the people affected by Hurricanes Floyd, Irene, and Sandy. He fought hard in World War II in Europe as a member of our “greatest generation.”

Senator Lautenberg, a very kind and modest person, will be deeply missed by all the people of the State of New Jersey and our country.