Thank you, Catherine Taub

Thank you, Catherine Taub

I am one of the nurses at Villa Marie Claire, and on a very busy night I went down to Catherine Taub’s room because her bell was going off (“Catherine Taub: ‘A Hometown Hero,'” June 7). In the bed was this beautiful women, who was sitting up and trying to catch her breath. Her nurse, Cecilia, and her aide, Karlene, were also in the room. Catherine settled down and we all stayed in the room with her. On the windowsill was a picture of Catherine at her daughter’s wedding. Catherine was wearing an elegant strapless gown with a scarf around her neck. It was not your typical mother-of-the-bride dress.

Her eyes lit up as she talked about the wedding and her family, and also about the dress. I was drawn to her immediately, and I wanted to know more about this women. We stayed in the room for awhile, and I am forever grateful that God blessed us with meeting this beautiful women.

God is always working through others and tonight once again I felt his presence. Catherine was shining bright! I went home that morning and kept thinking about this beautiful women. A few days later I learned that she had died and I read her obituary and your article. What was revealed to me was her inner beauty. May we always shine our lights bright like Catherine!