Teaneck girl wins essay contest

Teaneck girl wins essay contest

Zehava Shayna Seidman's winning essay

If a child with disabilities came into my bunk in camp my bunk members and I would definitely try and make her feel as good as possible about her self. When she came in our bunk we would all greet her with such warmth, that she would feel as if she were on top of the world. She would be having so much fun, that she would forget, for that moment, that she has disabilities. I would hang out with her and talk to her whenever she needed to. Also, I would also get other people to come and talk to her. Also we could all go hang out with her so she could go back home and say, “Mom, Dad, I made friends in camp.” The smile on her face when she said that to her parents would be priceless. I would get other bunks to come and play sports with us, and if she didn’t know how to play the game we were playing, we would teach her how to play that game. If the game were kickball we would most definitely pick her first, so she could feel good about her self and not feel like she is not good at sports. Maybe, one night all the girls in our age group could throw a party for her. We would have so much fun with her and she would have a lot of fun with us too. The whole summer we would make her feel as at home as possible. If she wanted to write to her parents, but her hand writing was not the best, I would make sure her that there will be someone there to help her write the letter to them. Or, if she missed her parents, we would try to get her mind off them and try to focus her on a different topic. We would love having her in our bunk and I am totally sure she would love being in our bunk too. We would have a great summer together.

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