Study: We are the Jewiest

Study: We are the Jewiest

A new analysis of data that the Public Religion Research Institute gathered last year tells us something we know in our kishkes: In America, you can’t get more Jewish than the New York metropolitan area or the state of New Jersey.

New York, Boston, and Miami are the three most Jewish metropolitan areas per capita in the country. Here in the New York City area (the metropolitan area, unlike Jewish federation divisions, cross the Hudson), 8 percent of the residents are Jewish. In Boston, 6 percent are Jewish and it’s 5 percent in greater Miami. Metro Philadelphia and the San Francisco area each are 4 percent Jewish, and the Chicago and Washington areas are 3 percent Jewish.

Nationally, 2 percent of all Americans are Jewish, according to the study. Los Angeles, which is home to the country’s second-largest urban Jewish population, is just 2 percent Jewish.

Ranked by state, New York and New Jersey, at 6 percent, tie as the most Jewish. Next are Massachusetts at 5 percent and Maryland at 3.

Ranked by region, the Northeast is 4 percent Jewish; the Midwest, South and West each are 1 percent Jewish.

Here in the New York City area, the largest religious group is white Catholics, 21 percent; followed by unaffiliated, 19 percent; Hispanic Catholics, 12 percent; black Protestants, 10 percent, and then our tribe at 8 percent.

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