Springboard School Now Enrolling Students

Springboard School Now Enrolling Students

The Springboard School at Lubavitch on the Palisades (formerly The Therapeutic Nursery at the Kaplen JCC on the Palisades) is a place for those bright children who may fall through the cracks. For over 40 years, its unique curriculum has helped the underserved group of preschool and kindergarten children and their parents. We focus on core issues that prevent them from succeeding in a mainstream setting — we teach the students how to play, socialize, communicate verbally, and regulate their behaviors, through manualized lessons and direct teaching. We use role play, puppets, stories, and scripts to teach topics such as how to compromise, how to be a good sport, how to be flexible, and how to control yourself when you get too mad or when you don’t get your way. Teachers act out scripts, first showing the wrong way and then the appropriate way to handle these situations.

Each child gets a turn to act out the lesson appropriately.

In addition to the social skills curriculum, The Springboard School provides a variety of stimulating activities, including science, cooking, creative art, music, playground, and indoor playtime. Each child also receives individual language therapy and occupational therapy. Parents are included in their child’s treatment, receiving weekly parent counseling sessions, weekly conversations with every teacher, and regular parent support meetings. 

Please contact Lois Mendelson, the director, at lemendelson@gmail.com or 917-692-8298 for a free consultation. The school is enrolling for the fall.

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