Sports Programs Bringing Jews and Arabs Together

Sports Programs Bringing Jews and Arabs Together

You won't believe what happens when Jewish and Arab children play basketball together.

Peace Players International is a locally-led peaceful political charity in Israel. The group is active in both Israel-proper and the Palestinian Authority. The program was set up to educate both Jewish and Arab youngsters – as well as their communities.

Karen Doubilet is the Managing Director of this one-of-a-kind organization. The program takes kids in starting from age 6 all the way to adults.

Doubilet says the group started as an all male group, but there was a strong need for girls to join as well. In many of the Arab communities, girls were forbidden to play ball, but Peace Players International managed to overcome that barrier and hopes to continue to bring down walls.

What do you think? Will programs like this succeed where treaties and accords have failed?


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