Spinagogue makes dreidel a major league affair

Spinagogue makes dreidel a major league affair

You had a little dreidel. You made it out of clay. And dreidel you did play.

But face it: Your handmade dreidel just doesn’t cut it in today’s competitive gaming environment.

Fortunately, dreidel lovers everywhere can progress to the big leagues with Spinagogue, which turns dreidel into a multiple-player game with multiple rules, multiple game board inserts, and an arena of its own.

03-3-l-dreidel-2The Spinagogue, now on Kickstarter, is a wooden magen david: The inner hexagon is the spinning arena, and the outer triangles are where the players stash their gelt. The game includes six plastic dreidels, a digital timer, and a rule book featuring many games.

Sure, there’s classic dreidel, but there’s also Spinnings — a dreidel version of baseball. Gimmel is a hit, hei is a ball, nun a strike, and shin is out. Or you can try to spin your dreidel to the most valuable target.

At $39, the Spinagogue costs more than a dreidel’s worth of clay, but it’s a small price to pay to prove that you’re spry and ready when it comes to spinning Chanukah tops.

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