Small world department

Small world department

Our family enjoyed reading “Mother, daughter celebrate connection to Bat Torah” (July 2), especially since the mother, Dara Goldschmidt, is our cousin. What the article failed to mention is the strong connection that Dara has to Hudson County. She is the daughter of Simmi Rosenbaum Brodie and the late Rabbi Theodore Brodie, A”H, and the granddaughter of Dr. Belle and the late Cantor Jacob Rosenbaum, A”H, originally from Weehawken. Cantor Rosenbaum was chazzan in Temple Beth Abraham in North Bergen for many years.

Dara and her family have dedicated their lives to revitalizing Jewish life in Russia. It is important to acknowledge the help of Albert Reichman of Toronto and Reuven Dessler of Operation Open Curtain, who joined with Dara in establishing and maintaining the Lauder Etz Chaim School in Moscow.

Our family is extremely proud of the accomplishments of the Goldschmidts and wish them continued success. We are sure that Racheli will continue to blossom in Bat Torah.