Slams Obama, ‘Progressives’

Slams Obama, ‘Progressives’

Put aside the issue of who will have sovereignty over the eastern portion of Jerusalem. My immediate concern is the basic human rights issue over which our president and the Israeli people fundamentally disagree.

The great majority of Israeli Jews believe that Arabs and Jews each have an equal right to live anywhere in Jerusalem, regardless of which government gains sovereignty. Indeed, that should be the view of all Progressives. Are there Progressives who believe France should evict Muslim settlers from Africa, Asia, and the Middle East, who have in the past 60 years legally and illegally colonized whole swaths of France, to the point where police have publicly admitted they do not enter and have abrogated their authority in many Muslim neighborhoods? Are there Progressives who support the efforts of Dutch anti-Islam maverick Geert Wilders, who demands an end to Muslim immigration in Europe? On March 5, outside the British Parliament, the AP reports, “protesters calling themselves antifascists denounced Wilders and his backers of the English League as racists…. They jeered and chanted ‘Fascist thugs off our streets.'”

Which Progressive can decry Jewish immigration to Jerusalem while supporting Muslim immigration in Europe without admitting he suffers from raging schizophrenia?

The truth is, clearly, that our president’s attack on the Jewish right to live anywhere in Jerusalem is not a principled one. It is grounded in a fear of Muslim wrath, just as Europe abandoned Czechoslovakia out of fear of German wrath. With this contretemps, our president has finally revealed the foreign policy principles he aims to “change.”

President Kennedy pledged to “pay any price and bear any burden in defense of freedom.” President Johnson told the Soviet Union he supported 2 million Jews in Israel over 60 million Arabs because “it is the right thing to do.”

Obama, however, begs Iranian Holocaust deniers to speak with him, bows down -literally – to Saudi tyrants, and humiliates our Israeli allies with back-door, unceremonious visits and demands that they give up the core human right to live anywhere in Jerusalem without a single, reciprocating Arab gesture.

This is not, of course, “change.” Its proper name is appeasement. And it is not change I can believe in.