Ships of Fools

Ships of Fools

On reports that another “flotilla” is being organized to bring stuff to the inhabitants of Gaza despite the blockade against weapons…

Ships of Fools

Not everyone aboard these “flotillas” bringing stuff to Israel is a fool. True, many are indeed mental midgets. But others are just plain bigots. Mental midgets and bigots ““ that sort of sums them up.

The citizens of Gaza voted Hamas into office, Hamas being the terrorist organization that rules Gaza. (The U.S. does not recognize Hamas.) Hamas is openly, on record, dedicated to the destruction of Israel ““ by violence. For seven years, Hamas forces rained rockets on Southern Israel. Thousands of rockets.
The bigots say: The rockets were primitive. (Honest. They do say that. Can a rocket be “primitive”?)
The bigots also say that very few Jews were killed by the rockets. Well, that testifies to the air-raid sirens that were installed, to the reinforced shelters. Attempted murder really isn’t much different from successful murder, is it?
Before the rockets, there were terrorist attacks. Young Jews in pizza parlors were blown up; buses crowded with people were special targets. In a new book, “A New Shoah,” Italian journalist Giulio Meotti reports that since 2000, there have been more than 150 suicide attacks against Israel, and 500 were thwarted. Some 1,723 people were murdered and 10,000 injured.
The mental midgets and the bigots protested mightily against the wall that was then erected to keep out the terrorists ““ but it has almost totally eliminated the attacks.

The blockade of Gaza is to keep more sophisticated weapons from getting into Gaza and into the hands of the terrorists. Foodstuffs, medications, and such are perfectly ok. But not bombs and bullets, and not building materials that could be made into bunkers.
The Flotilla Phonies were asked to turn over their foodstuffs and medications to the Israelis, who would see that they got to Gaza. The Flotilla Phonies said no. That’s why they’re Phonies.
You don’t think Israel is justified in trying to prevent armaments from entering a country dedicated to the destruction of Israel and to killing Jews? A country that is willing to kill innocent civilians ““ and to take “credit” for these cowardly killings, as it did just the other day?
Let me ask you: Are you a mental midget or a bigot? Or both? In any case, everyone who’s unbiased seems to acknowledge that today Gaza residents are not bad off. Despite the blockade.

Hamas kidnapped a young Jewish soldier and has held him incommunicado for years. Not even letting the Red Cross see him. That will give you a good idea of what Hamas is like.

Anthropologists have a term, “survival,” for a practice that dies out and returns in a new form. Chewing tobacco died out; chewing gum took its place.
Make no mistake. The anti-Israel people today are the followers of Father Coughlin, Henry Ford, the Bund, and the other Jew haters of yesterday. They do hate Jews, and they think that their defense ““ they are simply against Israel and in favor of the Palestinians ““ tricks almost everyone.
But no decent, sensible person can help but sympathize with Israel.
That’s why most Americans do.
Except for the mental midgets and the bigots.

What the ships in the flotilla need is a name.
I shall offer them a wonderfully suitable one.
At no charge.
The Horst Vessels (Wessels).

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