Shabbat – the video!

Shabbat – the video!

National Jewish Outreach Program is hosting its annual Shabbat Across America tonight and in honor of the occasion, the organization made this hip music video.

The Big Lipowsky is preparing a meal for at least 10 guests tonight. I’m serving up Mama Lipowsky’s Old World Chicken Soup (incidentally, it was disqualified from NJOP’s chicken soup contest last year because it uses flanken – but so does the Second Avenue Deli), The Big Lipowsky’s Spicy Harissa Chicken, Tandoori Slaw, SPARLIC (a Penn State Chabad tradition, it stands for Salt, PARsley, and garLIC in olive oil), and many other delicious dishes.

Do you have any Shabbat traditions specific to your family? Share them here.

Shabbat shalom!

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