Set Pollard free now

Set Pollard free now

It’s time.

Jonathan Pollard must be set free immediately.

Convicted of spying for Israel, sentenced to life in prison in 1987, he is now at the Butner Federal Correction Complex in North Carolina, and due for a parole hearing in November 2015.

For years, his incarceration has been a bargaining chip in peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians.

Mr. Pollard’s case was brought to the forefront again last week, when former CIA director James Woolsey suggested in an interview with Israel TV that anti-Semitism very well could be the reason why he is still in prison. We knew that the late Caspar Weinberger was no friend of the Israel or the Jewish people when he served as secretary of defense in the Reagan administration.

Mr. Woolsey, who held his position during the Clinton administration, noted that since 1987, Americans who spied for other nations have been freed from prison. He told Israel Channel 10, “I don’t think that it is universally true, but in the case of some American individuals, I think there is anti-Semitism at work here.”

Mr. Woolsey even said that within the intelligence community, the Pollard case is “ancient history.”

His assessment got no argument from the Anti-Defamation League’s national director, Abraham Foxman, who said a month ago that Mr. Pollard’s ongoing imprisonment “is on the verge of anti-Semitism.”

Mr. Pollard, who turns 60 later this year, should be able to live the rest of his life as a free man.

If it doesn’t happen soon, perhaps Mr. Woolsey is correct. Perhaps it is act of anti-Semitism.