Seeking Paterson connections

Seeking Paterson connections

Not too long ago we reported on the efforts of Jerry Schranz to help the minyan at the Federation Apartments in Paterson. His appeal for help was a success: Two Torah scrolls were restored, prayer books and chumashim were donated, and the basement chapel received a dehumidifier and several chairs with armrests.

Now he’s preparing for a dedication ceremony and would like to make contact with surviving family members who donated objects years ago to the Federation Apartments or to its one-time neighbor, the Yavneh Academy, which helped furnish the minyan when it first began.

In particular, he’s looking for surviving family members related to Reuben J. Cohen (or Rose or Marshall Cohen), Aaron Staretz, Leon Rosenblum, and Breyna Grobart.

If you are related or know any of the descendants or other relatives of those familes, email or go to for more information.

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