Says Israel must not stand alone

Says Israel must not stand alone

Scott Lippe’s prescription would be a disaster for the State of Israel (Letters, June 4).

First, whether Dr. Lippe likes it or not, the blockade of Gaza depends on the cooperation of Egypt and other Arab countries.

Should Egypt decide to open up its border with Gaza for full trade (cutting a deal with Hamas), the blockade would quickly become an exercise in futility. Any imports, including weaponry, could be smuggled through Egyptian ports and there would be nothing that the Israeli navy could do about it. The aftereffect of the IDF commandos boarding the vessel of the flotilla may unfortunately make this a reality.

Secondly, the only opportunity to stop Iran from making nuclear weapons may depend upon the formation of a broad coalition – as broad as possible. Such a coalition may include some European countries and some Arab countries. Such a coalition may also be necessary to permit the United States to pull out of Iraq and Afghanistan without having these states lost to monstrous regimes. It is not in anyone’s interest to have Israel proceed on the theory that it stands alone.

Alan Levin

Fair Lawn