Say no to Klinghoffer opera

Say no to Klinghoffer opera

Our constitution guarantees our right of free speech and expression, as long as other’s rights are not harmed in the process.

Thus the Metropolitan Opera had the right to produce the opera “The Death of Klinghoffer.” But in my opinion, they had the moral obligation to refuse. We, as moral beings, certainty have the right (obligation) to protest (peacefully).

Both the opera’s composer, John Adams, and the Met have made the woeful error of equating understanding the background of a conflict with the murderous pursuit of its resolution. Terror is murder. Murder is evil. Evil must never be rationalized.

The terrorists aboard the Achille Lauro were brutal psychopathic killers. They were murderers. They were evil. They must never be portrayed in the light of sympathy and empathy. To do so undermines our moral base.

We must not ascribe human qualities to psychopathic monsters!!!