Respect, not discord

Respect, not discord

Please note that I am not going to further discuss my views on gays/lesbians and Orthodox Judaism. That issue has been exhausted. I am going to talk about “The ‘lifestyle’ puzzle (Letters, April 24). I felt that the letter was unduly harsh and disrespectful.

I am aware that the debate over gay rights in various areas is highly toxic. On the pro-gay rights side, we have had people either trying to destroy or to boycott opponents to gay marriage.

On the anti-gay rights side, we have had people using incendiary language, promoting harmful treatment, and passing odious legislation.

There is much toxicity around this issue. It also explains my discomfort with both.

What I ask is that we disagree with some respect. Pluralism within the Jewish community requires a respectful exchange of views, however different they may be.