Remembering Palisades Amusement Park

Remembering Palisades Amusement Park

I read the story about Palisades Amusement Park (“Come on over,” June 13) with great interest. I lived at 755 Anderson Ave in Cliffside Park until I was 13 and attended #4 Public School along with my brother, David Neustein. The two of us were at the Park before the fire engines got there when they had the huge fire. When we got home, my mother said she was so glad we were home because there was this bad fire at the Park.

I just want to mention one omission in the article. At the end of each school year, all of the children from the public schools marched to the Park with the high school band for a free day of rides. Everyone always looked forward to a great time.

I also remember swimming in the pool until 12 noon, when my mother insisted I return home. Polio was very dangerous in those days and she didn’t want me around the crowds.