Remember Pollard

Remember Pollard

Ah, the great Winston Churchillian speech is over. Wew, we fretted it wouldn’t perform up to our expectations. We thought maybe the House of Representatives would not like it. We thought that Mr. Benjamin Natanyahu would bomb.

Well, he didn’t. He didn’t bomb his Churchillian speech, nor did he bomb the Iran reactors.

He sure did receive a hellava lot of ovations and attention though, and congressmen both of Republican and Democratic persuasion attentively listened in rapture as he rambled on about the insecure world we will inherit tomorrow and a nuclear arms race in the Mideast.

All such discourse is indeed necessary and primary in all discussions and dialogue with Iran and others in the Mideast as elsewhere. And that is why the USA is pursuing energetically and fruitfully continued negotiations and continued threats of continuing sanctions with and against Iran.

But where the prime minister of our great state of Israel failed, as he has failed in the past when he appeared before Congress and received dozens of ovations from American lawmakers, was his failure to advocate for the American Jew sitting as a prisoner of Zion in an American high security prison called Butner in North Carolina, this being his 30th year.


Because we have lost, or maybe we have never possessed, the high morals of life, justice, dignity, Judaism, humanity.

Mr. Natanyahu’s speech was wonderful, if you liked to hear someone bash Iran, but it was shameful because it did not mention Jonathan Jay Pollard.

Natanyahu supposedly came to America to educate congressmen about an Iranian nuclear threat, and he was loud and pompous about that in his message. But he neglected to educate the elected of the great USA concerning the injustice of Mr. Pollard’s continued incarceration.

In fact, he was timidly silent about how Mr. Pollard is rotting in prison, dying a slow death.

In short, he came to the USA to talk about Iran as if he was the lead negotiator, when in fact he wasn’t, but yet failed in talking and making the case for Jonathan when he should’ve been his main advocator.

Such shame should also be heaped on the American Jewish leadership, both political and clergy, insofar as they clamored for attention and were swept to perverse degrees of Iranian fear and phobias, while not remembering a golden opportunity to plea for Pollard.

Talk about the American-Israeli relationship?

Talk about saying tehillim for the sick and infirm?

There is not a moment to waste. Jonathan is wilting. Put off the concocted Iranian scare, as America has your back, as best as she can.

And President Obama is our true friend.

Only we are to blame for why Mr. Pollard is rotting.