Reasons to vote McCain/Palin

Reasons to vote McCain/Palin

I wish to submit very important reasons why Jews, as myself, should vote for Sen. McCain and Gov. Palin:

McCain has clearly demonstrated that he will not pander to Israel’s adversaries, which include Iran, Syria, Hamas, and Hezbollah. Palin made it crystal clear several times, during her debate, where they stand. She also stated that the U.S. Embassy will be in Jerusalem, Israel’s capital.

Sen. Obama does not have a consistent position and seems more concerned with having dialogue with adversaries.

Being a Democrat is not a substitute for supporting and voting for those who will stand with Israel when it counts.

McCain is a patriot with an impeccable record who has experienced the consequences of war.

I understand the argument that Palin lacks experience. Well, that also applies to Obama, so one must decide if it’s better to have a vice president or president with limited experience. I’m more troubled by the fact that Obama’s pastor of 20 years has made anti-Semitic speeches.

I have no intentions of gambling with my country’s future. It is crucial that we unite and ensure the security of the United States and Israel with a proven leader who has the experience and record.