RCBC spreads out

RCBC spreads out

The Big Lipowsky attended the Simply Manischewitz Cook Off in New York last week. I have a full report in this week’s Jewish Standard. What isn’t in the story is that lunch was catered by Levana in New York. The tins that showed up on Friday came from the New York restaurant but rather than being labeled with the O.U. (I’m pretty certain it formerly under O.U. but not 100 percent, if anybody knows for certain?) they were labeled under the Rabbinical Council of Bergen County.

Today’s e-newsletter from Kosher-ny.com confirmed that Levana is now under the RCBC. This is the only restaurant outside of Bergen County that RCBC certifies that I am aware of. So, the big question is: Why? Why would Levana go with an out-of-state localized kosher certification? Levana’s managing partner Sol Kirschenbaum (also co-owner of The Pasta Factory) lives in Teaneck. That’s not enough of a reason to change the New York restaurant’s certification, though. I will get back to you on that after a few calls.

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