Raisman’s bold stance

Raisman’s bold stance

It was wonderful watching the Olympic Games. I felt pride and joy in seeing the Jewish-American gymnast Aly Raisman win a gold medal, and more importantly hearing her invoke the memory of the Israeli athletes killed 40 years ago in Munich (IOC’s Rogge hears sharp criticism at memorial,” Aug. 10).

Aly Raisman is very special. The bigoted organizers stubbornly refused to honor the slain athletes with a moment of silence, but Ms. Raisman paid tribute to 11 sportsmen who died long before she was born. And how wonderful it was to hear “Hava Nagila” played in the background!

To speak out at the Olympics showed her proud Jewish heritage. She is a very special person.

Thank you, Aly Raisman. I wish you endless possibilities.