Rabbits, "Numb3rs," and security

Rabbits, "Numb3rs," and security

We were in a pet store last week, picking up our new kitten (her name is Ketzele, which means “little cat” in Yiddish and which we borrowed from Abby Leichman’s cat), and overheard a clerk speaking to a distraught caller. The caller wanted to know what she could feed her rabbit during Passover.

The answer? Hay – and possibly oats, although apparently not all oats but oats that have been checked against contamination by chametz and not wet-heat treated.

Now there’s a niche market for an enterprising person – kosher pet food, with a sideline in kosher-for-Passover products.


Our Website went down a while back and our blog posts got lost in the ether. I won’t repeat mine here except to note that it was a lament for the television show “Numb3rs,” which we taped and watched faithfully every Sunday night. It was such a pleasure to see a warm and loving and engaged and educated Jewish family talking about ideas and feelings. We miss it already.


The New York Times today has a front-page story headed “Security Checks on Flights to U.S. to be revamped.”

We recently flew back from Costa Rica and experienced a very stringent security check. All the passengers were divided by gender and then every man, woman, and child was patted down. Also, all carry-on bags were searched. It was unnerving, but it did away with the profiling problem.

Dear readers, we hope your Pesach continues to be sweet.