Questions poll results

Questions poll results

To the 62 percent who answered yes to the Standard’s Oct. 1 web poll: “Should Israel extend the settlement freeze?” I would like to pose these questions:

1. Should families stop having children because they aren’t allowed to build an additional room or two to their existing 30-year-old homes? Or because they can’t complete kindergartens that have been standing partially completed for 10 months?

2. Should couples postpone getting married because there are no new apartments for them to start a home in?

3. How far should people have to drive to shop for basic necessities because no new grocery stores can be built near their homes?

Why shouldn’t they be able to continue to live a normal life until such time that borders between Israel and a Palestinian state are agreed upon?

It seems to me that unless your poll represents a cross-section of people of different political persuasions, the results are of no value.