Procrastinating -How to Stop!

Procrastinating -How to Stop!

OK, so it took me two days until I finally sat down to write this blog post…jk; jk. Actually, this is a subject I’m passionate about because we all procrastinate sometimes, and it’s a real energy drain – we spend more time and angst avoiding what we have to do than doing it. It preys on our mind; it gets under our skin; it can make us really crazy!

So, what’s a person to do? In my humble opinion, what I’m about to tell you is among the simplest pieces of advice one can give and yet also about the most profound. Here it is:


“Huh?” you say? “But if I’m watching TV I’m procrastinating no matter what channel I’m watching!!!”

True, but that’s not what I mean by, “CHANGE THE CHANNEL.” What I mean is that when we procrastinate we’re avoiding a task we have to do, like cleaning the house, or figuring out our taxes, or starting a report for work or school. Facing the task becomes unbearable. To CHANGE THE CHANNEL, stop focusing on the hateful task. Instead, SIMPLY COMMIT TO SPENDING SOME TIME (say, 1-2 hours) doing what you have to do. We’ve all had many experiences in which we’ve spent 1-2 hours doing something… that’s not hard at all. And, if we CHANGE THE CHANNEL by focusing on time rather than task, we’ll be amazed at how much of the task gets done.

There… it’s simple but I ask you to try it. I bet you find that you get a lot more done, and sooner, instead of worrying about what you have to do.

Let me know if I’m right.