Political Spin-Meistering

Political Spin-Meistering

“It’s Ari’s party,” (October 11), reported on a gathering of Jewish Republicans in Teaneck. Ari Fleischman, the quintessential Republican Jew, addressed the faithful. He was quoted as saying that “not even a majority of Democrats” support Israel.

Say what? A recent Gallup poll tracked support for Israel. Since 2008, Democratic support for Israel has increased. Over the last three years, a majority of Democrats do indeed favor Israel over the Palestinians. Fleischer should do some fact-checking before he makes this kind of statement again. Otherwise, it is just the same old political spin from a past master of the art.

What’s more, Fleischer and the Republican Jewish coalition privately must be apoplectic over the hijacking of the GOP by the Tea Party. Rand Paul and his ilk are no friends of Israel. They favor a return to isolationism, which would deliver the Middle East into the willing arms of Russia and China. Without a continued American presence in the region – something championed by every U.S. President since Harry S. Truman – Israel’s security would be at greater risk than at any time since independence.

No American Jew can or should be able to feel at home in the new Republican Tea Party. Fleischer may not like Democrats, but an examination of the facts reveals that the Democratic Party is now a more hospitable place for Jewish Americans. You can’t spin the facts any other way.

When and if the GOP regains its senses and pulls back from the extremism of its Tea Party, that might change. Ask Eric Cantor when – or if – that will happen.