Pick your friends carefully

Pick your friends carefully

Please let me take issue with the assessment of the ban on kosher slaughter and religious circumcision as aimed at the Jewish populace. The Jews of Germany and Netherlands are the victim of collateral damage of an attack against Islam (“German circumcision ban shows Jew-hatred back in fashion,” Sept. 7).

The intended targets of these bans are Muslims who happen to have certain rituals similar to ours.

There is an object lesson in this. Many of the groups who advocate banning circumcision were funded by certain Jewish groups on the far right ( i.e. Pamela Geller and Daniel Pipes) who advocate a war on Islam as a means of fighting terrorism. Now, we are victims of the same groups that were so funded and supported. The moral of the story is to be careful whom you befriend and whom you support.

It ought to be possible to support the State of Israel and fight terrorists in the name of Islam without defaming all Muslims.