Peace preconditions

Peace preconditions

Maimonides commented that there is nothing common about common sense.

Common sense dictates that when you have any negotiations with a second party, that party has to recognize your existence. Until that happens, peace cannot occur. The Koran contains several sura that refer to the land of Israel. I wonder how many Palestinians of the Muslim faith are aware of the fact.

The leaders of the new State of Israel had little experience in the role of a conquering nation. They made several mistakes regarding conquered lands. Their errors in judgment then affects Israel today. A victor in a war does not give up land to a loser. Conquered lands become part of the winner’s spoils. So many died for the freedom of all of Jerusalem, why even consider ceding any part of that capital city? Samaria has been part of Israel beginning long before the second Temple was built. Why even consider it otherwise? Israel gave up Gaza and look at the result! Rabbi Schwartz (“Giving peace a chance,” June 28) is a dreamer, but dreams are not reality. Reality dictates that there can be no peace until the formal recognition of Israel is agreed to by all the parties involved.

There can be no peace, in reality, until Jews can move as freely in Arab lands as Arabs do in Israel.