Peace and Rabbi Schwartz: two contrasting views

Peace and Rabbi Schwartz: two contrasting views

In Rabbi Barry Schwartz’s op ed column, he indicates that he stuck his neck out to urge the support for the President and his nomination of Chuck Hagel as secretary of defense (“Giving peace a change,” June 30). I totally agree with him that when a Jew supports an anti-Semite for such a high position in the U.S. government it is not good for Jews, and therefore anyone promoting this position is foolishly sticking his neck out. He then goes on to promote John Kerry’s shuttle diplomacy trying to “jump start peace talks before the window for a two-state solution closes for good … and the genuine opportunities for peace that will not last much longer.”

I have been hearing comments of this type since Rabbi Schwartz was in kindergarten. His comments might be considered totally rational if not for not understanding that the Palestinians are totally irrational, never missing an opportunity to miss an opportunity for establishing a true peace.

The most important fact that Rabbi Schwartz ignores is that the Palestinian leaders cannot make peace with Israel because they know they will be executed by Hamas if they do so. That is why they are putting up all sorts of conditions which they know Israel cannot accept, because it will mean the end of the Jewish state. He lists J Street and a handful of pro peace groups backing his position, without pointing out that these groups are primarily funded by George Soros, who is hardly a friend of Israel.

Israel must never forget that the last attempt at making peace by giving the Arabs full control over Gaza resulted in the deaths of many Jews from the mortars that were shot into Israel from the Gaza strip on a daily basis.

Seymour Berkowitz


I join with Rabbi Schwartz in urging our brothers and sisters in Israel to work toward creating a climate for peace. And I thank the Standard for publishing his op ed supporting Secretary of State Kerry’s challenge to American Jews.

Harriet Kessler

Woodbury Heights