Outrage at the murders

Outrage at the murders

As a Christian, I am deeply outraged about the events of the last few weeks. There is no excuse for what has happened in Israel. I have watched with increasing dread when there was no new information in the weeks after the three boys were kidnapped. When the news came out they had been murdered, I was both angered and sad.

I was sad because of the three young lives that had been snuffed out before they had a chance to live. Two of the three boys had not yet completed high school. One had probably finished high school the year before. I was angered because of the senseless act and the fact that they were killed only because they were Jews.

All the world should protest the killing of these three children, so that the horror of the event will not die. We all should stand with Israel and not leave them to face these horrific events alone. My fear is that in a few days, most people will go back to business as usual, but I hope that there will be a tremendous international outcry so this will not happen.

For myself, I will be supportive to the Jewish community as much as I am able as we seek to support them in their hour of need.