Our big news

Our big news

We are so excited!

You will hear from our publisher and partners in the cover story detailing our new partnership with the Times of Israel, but here is the chance for us, as the editorial staff, to join in the discussion.

We love our print newspaper. We love the feeling of paper beneath our fingers. We like turning pages, we like opening the paper randomly, we like the heft of it in our hands. We love the colors. We love being able to write on it, and tear it, and use it for shopping lists. We love being able to store it away. We even love being able to use it to pack dishes (and yes, we know to wash the dishes once they are unpacked).

We love leafing through the old papers in their bound volumes that line the walls of our office. We love the feel of history in our fingers. We love looking at the faces that peer or stare or smile out at us and imagining their stories.

But we also love our computers, our mobile devices, our news on the go. We love the informality, the speed, the accessibility, the ever-changingness of it. We love the excitement.

And now we get to have both.

As we partner with the Times of Israel, we are not leaving our paper edition behind. We will lavish the same obsessive attention on it that we or our predecessors have given it for the last 84 years. But now we also will have our snazzy new website, all uncluttered and lovely. We will be able to offer the chance to blog on our site to many community members; we know that our community is studded – perhaps even stuffed – with people with great brains, creativity, heart, and soul. With our new blog platform, they will be able to share those characteristics with the rest of us. And we know that we will gain many new readers as they link to us from the Times of Israel. We will welcome them with great pleasure.

It will take two months or so, but please keep watching this space…-JP