OU Job Board lists driver positions

OU Job Board lists driver positions

New York City recently added green cabs to its fleet to provide service to upper Manhattan and the outer boroughs, and that created many jobs for drivers. A cab fleet owner would like to fill up to 150 of those positions, which are listed on the Orthodox Union’s Job Board.

The board’s executive director, Michael Rosner, said: “Based on current drivers’ experiences, there is the opportunity to gross $2,000 per week driving a 10-hour shift.” He added that the job board is able to help applicants get licenses that would allow them to drive taxis. Because the cars are constantly on the road, drivers easily can chose Shabbat- and Yom-Tov-friendly schedules.

For information email the Job Board at jobsco@ou.org, call (212) 563-4000, or go to www.oujobs.org.

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