Or maybe they should sell a Judah Macca-bean blend?

Or maybe they should sell a Judah Macca-bean blend?

'Tis the season for manufactured holiday controversies.

It’s hard to tell whether Joshua Feuerstein was serious.

Feuerstein is the self-described evangelical Christian who started the social media outcry over red Starbucks holiday cups.

“Starbucks REMOVED CHRISTMAS from their cups because they hate Jesus,” he wrote on his Facebook page last week.

We might view the Starbucks packaging change with more theological seriousness had previous designs featured the Madonna, or even a manger scene, rather than snowflakes and reindeer. On the other hand, the Southern Baptist Convention, which is a legitimate and significant evangelical organization, once did pass a resolution condemning the use of C.E. and B.C.E. because it removed Jesus from the calendar. So maybe Feuerstein is sincerely outraged.

One possible solution to the Christmas cup wars is pictured here; we discovered it on the San Diego Jewish federation’s website and aren’t sure who to credit for it. It’s charming and makes a point.

But we’re worried about what would happen if Starbucks actually adopts this suggestion. Might this be the beginning of a slippery slope leading to the over-commercialization of Asarah BeTevet? Asarah BeTevet, the most minor of all the fast days on the Jewish calendar, falls on December 22 this year.

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