Opening games arrive!

Opening games arrive!

Fall games have started, and the season is getting into full swing! After many weeks of tryouts and rigorous practices, Yeshiva League teams have finally begun testing their skills and strategies in the new season. While some teams are off to great starts and are picking up victories, other teams are disappointed with season-opening losses.

No worries, though, the season is just beginning. Playoffs are not until March, so teams have plenty of time to make adjustments and tally up some victories. In fact, yesterday the U-10 girls Teaneck soccer team that I coach beat the first place team 5-0 in our playoff game. Our team won only one regular season game and finished in last place, but yesterday, that didn’t matter. We will be playing in the championships next week! The message: It’s never too late, losses can make a team stronger. (But winning is always fun, too.)

The current breakdown of opening games:

Girls Varsity basketball:
Oct. 26: Bruriah High School for Girls vs. Joseph Kushner Academy
Bruriah won 41-38

Oct. 28: Kushner vs. Ramaz
Ramaz won 42-21

Nov. 4: Ma’ayanot vs. The Frisch School
Frisch won 47-37

Nov. 7: Ma’ayanot vs. Bruriah
Ma’ayanot won 52-43

Boys Hockey:
Nov. 1: Frisch vs. SAR
SAR won 3-0

Nov. 6: Frisch vs. Kushner
Kushner won 4-1

Boys Varsity Basketball (official games):
Oct. 25: TABC vs. Moshe Aaron Yeshiva High School
TABC won 63-29

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