Only a heartbeat away

Only a heartbeat away

New Jersey is with Israel in crisis

At left, emergency medical personnel carrying the body bag of one of three Israelis killed in a rocket attack on their apartment building in Kiryat Malachi. Moshe Milner/GPO/Flash90/JTA

Israel might be a continent away from northern New Jersey, but distances contract when hearts connect.

And then, of course, there is the technology that helps with the connection.

Many people who live here have family members now under fire in Israel, either because they have made aliyah or because their visits coincided with Hamas’s missiles. Here, we offer some stories: A local man tells of his eventful trip to the Kotel; Israelis who live here talk about their families there; and a young woman who made aliyah recounts her first time in a bomb shelter. The ADL’s Jeffrey Salkin discusses media bias, and we offer some practical ways everybody can help Israel.

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