On Giffords’ Jewishness

On Giffords’ Jewishness

I read Rabbi Jason Miller’s Jan. 21 piece on the Jewishness of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords. I am in full agreement with his reflections. There is no doubt in my mind that she possesses a Jewish soul.

However, as a traditional Jew, I believe that one’s Jewish identity is more than an emotional cultural identification. It is a mystical entity defined by (God-given) halacha.

Her obvious knowledge, Jewish emotional identification, and commitment in my (non-expert) opinion fulfill a most important halachic requirement for her to become a true proselyte. All that is left for her to do to make her Jewish Identity “official” is to immerse in a mikvah with the approval of a Torah-true rabbi.

I wish that she would consider this step.

I am very proud of her both as a Jewess and as a wonderful individual who is dedicated to the welfare of her fellow man.