Ohel and JFS bringing Sibshops to NJ

Ohel and JFS bringing Sibshops to NJ

Ohel Sibshops will be coming to Clifton/Passaic, through the partnership of Ohel and Jewish Family Service of Clifton-Passaic.

SibShops is a unique program that provides fun, support, and inspiration for siblings of people with developmental disabilities. There are activities and discussions and the opportunity for siblings to discuss their feelings, have their questions answered, and learn more about their siblings’ disabilities, and what the future holds.

The Passaic-Clifton sibshops group will be co-led by facilitators from Ohel and JFS, who were trained by Don Meyer, the creator of the Sibshops model. The first New Jersey group will be for 9- to 13-year-old girls.

For information, call either Ohel’s NJ Sibshop coordinator, Leah Elyakin, at (862) 686-7205 or the director of JFS’s Parent Resource Center, Suzanne Miller, at (973) 777-7638.

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