Objects to ‘west bank’

Objects to ‘west bank’

On your web site, you state: “The Jewish Standard is independent; it is committed to Jewish continuity, and to Israel and America’s well-being.”

I am glad to hear that The Jewish Standard (in the words of the president) has got Israel’s back.

However, in reading at least one article (from JTA), the term “west bank” was used. This is not a phrase to be used by those who support Israel and its continuation. The appropriate designation is the historical one – Judea and Samaria.

I would hope with its progressive view, The Jewish Standard would take a greater stand in following its stated mission in supporting Israel and those of us that live there.

[Most media outlets refer to “west bank”; we do not. We do not use the capital letters W and B, and have not done so for over two decades. Until there is a legal determination as to the status of that territory, it remains the “west bank of Jordan,” meaning that it is territory that Jordan seized illegally in 1947, thereby preventing a Palestinian Arab state from being born. A capitalized “west bank” suggests a legitimacy that is not deserved. As for “Judea and Samaria,” many supporters of Israel, including at least half of the Israeli public, actually refer to the region as “the sh’tachim,” or “the territories.” – Ed.]