Not the gun but the shooting hand

Not the gun but the shooting hand

Allowing God into the daily lives of our children in school would not remedy the agony we have faced, with gunmen (boys) getting hold of weapons and killing innocent children in cold blood.

They are very sick young men; either not in treatment or not supervised. I have a son like that. It is out of my hands now, but when he lived here, I did everything in my power to get help for him in every way I could. I learned how very limited the funding is, and how limited the agencies are that are willing to extend themselves to help.

Why do we have so many homeless mentally ill people on our streets? Because mental illness is so far-ranging, so prevalent, and so difficult and costly to treat.

There are thousands of mentally ill young adults who have somehow gotten out of the mental health establishment, or not found it in the first place. Then there are the enablers, like the last killer’s mother, who allowed weapons to sit around the house while knowing that her son was mentally disturbed.

This is not about God and morals. It is about mental illness.

How many people are willing to talk about anything other than their glowing, wonderful, successful, prosperous offspring?

I don’t know too many, but I know some people, like my son and me, who do not keep our closet doors closed, and are trying to help our kids, with never enough help from outside.

When all else fails, God doesn’t just appear. The Holocaust showed that. Survivors still cry out “Why has my God forsaken me?” Why did God, forsake millions of innocents? This was not about God. It was about evil.

We are not dealing with autism or Aspergers syndrome or spectrum; we are not dealing with social anxiety or any of the myriad of illnesses classified in the DSMV. The issue is the type of mental disease that veers suddenly into psychopathic behavior.

Not the guns, but the hand that shoots it.