Not being Charlie

Not being Charlie

Je ne suis pas Charlie (“Je suis Charlie?” January 30).

I am not Charlie. Everything I have read about Charlie Hebdo informs me that the publication is a vulgar and crude publication. It clearly does not deserve to exist. It has crudely insulted Muslims, Christians, and Jews.

However, I strongly support the right to publish Charlie Hebdo because I so strongly disagree with its behavior and policies. No law should be passed to prohibit its publication. I would love for Charlie Hebdo to go out of business because nobody buys the paper. And articles, editorials, and letters should be written condemning the crude cartoons. In a democracy, that should be the limit of action against the publication.

There is something else that we should learn about the murder of the journalists. Charlie mocked Muslims, Christians, and Jews. I am sure that all were offended. Only the radical Muslims felt that the appropriate response was murder. Clearly the good Muslims of the world must respond to the radical Muslims and strongly condemn this vicious atrocity.