No to new USY rules

No to new USY rules

I wish to state my objection to the change in the USY leadership rules (“Reworded interdating rules sow confusion, controversy,” January 2). It seems that the Conservative rabbis interviewed for the article have lost the ability to say no.

If the issue were allowing Jewish teenagers who date non-Jews into youth group functions, the question of inclusion might be a fair one. However, that is not what this change is about. What is being asked is allowing such teenagers into leadership position. This waters down the standards so much that it makes it indistinguishable from Reform.

The essential point of inclusion of intermarried couples wholesale is wrong. This ultimately will lead to the watering down and destruction of Jewish institutions. The idea that our community can do that is wrongheaded. The only viable solution is to welcome such couples when they can commit fully to a sole Jewish identity.