No to J Street

No to J Street

The Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations was absolutely correct in rejecting an application from J Street (“Who will set the table?” May 9).

Since its inception, the organization has seemed to define its policy positions as simply the exact opposite of the rest of the Jewish community. Its shadowy financing was shown to simply be a front for George Soros, whose ability to fund anti-Israel activities seems to know no bounds. J Street lied about receiving these funds. According to Federal Election Commission filings, dozens of Arab and Muslim Americans and Iranian advocacy organizations donated tens of thousands of dollars to J Street. The fact that our enemies donate to this group speaks volumes about its nature.

The Jewish community in America has a wide array of positions, but there are limits to any discussion. The BDS boycott movement is simply anti-Semitic in nature, yet it enjoys a dialogue with J Street. Iran has announced its intention to incinerate Israel, yet J Street serves as its apologists. The Goldstone report was probably the worst libel against the Jews since the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, repudiated even by its own author – but it was embraced by J Street.

The real damage and immediate danger of J Street is that it provides cover to any politician who now opposes any position of the rest of the Jewish community. While the political power of the American Jewish community continues to evaporate as our numbers and influence diminish, J Street has prevented us from speaking with a unified voice. Its opposition to the sanctions on Iran confused our allies and aided our enemies. In our world talk translates to bullets; sanctions can serve as armor; and defamation can damage as much as an earthquake.

J Street sadly provides no support to Israel and drowns out our community’s voice at home.