No new high school

No new high school

Now there is an effort underway to start an new high school! (“Jewish high schools need fortifying, not overhauling,” op ed, August 2.)

What the proponents fail to mention again (as they did when they started Yeshivat Ha’Atid) is -will they not give scholarships and not have resource or enrichment programs?

That stance forces all the other Jewish high schools to take those students and it reduces the enrollment of students to existing schools who will attend a new school, thereby adding additional financial burden to the existing schools.

Yes, there is an issue of affordability, but the answer is not to start another high school. As I suggested when HaAtid was discussed, did those community leaders approach the existing schools and suggest a way to introduce the blended learning method into the day schools? Did they suggest ways to reduce tuition? I was told no. As a matter of fact, the principals of those schools approached them and were told, “we want to start a new school.”

We have to work together as a community. Another high school is not the answer!