No justice for IDF murderer

No justice for IDF murderer

Last week Eden Atias, 19, z’l, was murdered as he slept on a public bus on his way back to basic training. He was killed by a 16-year-old Palestinian terrorist. Those who rely only on local or national media most probably do not have any knowledge of this story.

The terrorist reportedly acted because two of his uncles are in Israeli jails. They are there after being convicted in Israeli courts. One was convicted for the murder of two Israelis and the other for actions also connected with murder. What will the youth face in the future? He’ll be tried in open court with the assistance of defense counsel. If convicted, he will be sentenced to spend time in an Israeli prison. There he will be able to pursue his education from high school through college, paid for and administered by the State of Israel. He can look forward to being freed in future prisoner releases. He will be receiving a salary from the P.A. as a reward for his actions, based on the act he committed and the sentence he receives. This salary is paid partially through funds donated by the U.S. to the P.A. His family will be lauded for the “heroic” action that he has taken. There are reports that his family has already posted on their Facebook pages, writing about how proud they are of the murder. Has anyone from the P.A. or any other spokesmen condemned this crime? Has anyone from the U.S. government said anything?

The silence is deafening. It was only an Israeli Jew who died.