No help for mentally ill

No help for mentally ill

Why is there no help for the mentally impaired in the Jewish organizations dealing with millions of dollars?

Apparently I am the only one with “non-perfect” children. Apparently I am the only one who has nowhere to turn to get help for a youngish adult man who is mentally ill and cannot fend for himself. Apparently the rest of you, dear readers, are only ones concerned about life in the bubble of the Jewish community and its idyllic and safe lives for your children, and concurrently have enough money required for mental health treatment, rehab, and maintenance.

I see you all as blissfully ignorant, or maybe at a loss for writing skills.

It isn’t much really. Just give me some ideas, support my statements in the Jewish Standard and other media, or maybe, volunteer your advocacy for my son, who lives on the street in Phoenix, Arizona. The Jewish federation has never volunteered to help my son, nor have they a program for the mentally ill. Yes, for developmentally disabled there are many. Is that safer? Less diverse? More acceptable? Step into my shoes as a single mother, who has been through hell and back raising four adopted children who have not turned out the way your impeccable children have.

Where are the Chabad and their outreach in Arizona??

I had a conversation with my daughter in Israel yesterday. Her twin, speaking over the computer in some library, was saying he wanted to die. He was suicidal. What can we do, if we have no address, and Jewish Family Services have only agreed to help x amount if he comes in for appointments? They set him up for medication, and paid for one month. If he cannot work and has no roof over his head, how can he pay for his own meds? I have not sent him money in many years. The money goes out before it comes in – and none of it goes for treatment. That is one of the parts of his sickness. I paved the way for him to have some support from Family Services there, but was reminded over and over, that they are not supposed to fund people in “his condition.”

Okay, so the government of this wonderful nation has cut funding for the mentally ill. The Jewish organizations do not wish to be a part of something so diverse and complex. Rehab is for the wealthy, just as those in the Jewish bubble of Teaneck do not realize that not everyone is frum and not everyone’s parents have money for a $60,000-70,000 stint in rehab.

I am asking for help. Not a list of agencies that will forward my call or my daughter’s calls to the next agency. Are there none among you who care more for a human life than what to serve at seder 1 and seder 2?

Are there none of you who will come out of this closet of ignorance and apathy to others?