New benefits for ghetto survivors

New benefits for ghetto survivors

New German pension benefits have become available to ghetto survivors. Beit Ahava VeTorah, an organization that advocates for Holocaust survivors, is looking for help in finding them so they can apply for the benefits. Dr. Wallace Greene of Fair Lawn — who has taught Holocaust studies at Upsala College, was among the first to debunk the Holocaust deniers, is a consultant to the International March of The Living, has produced the Yom Hashoah programs at Auschwitz-Birkenau, and is active in local Holocaust memorials — is spearheading the group’s efforts.

The funds are newly available because the German government stipulates that forced laborers in the ghettos qualify for a pension. Elderly, frail, and impoverished Holocaust survivors should be notified that if they worked in a Nazi ghetto they can apply for new pension benefits. Ads must be placed in Jewish newspapers in cities with large populations of Holocaust survivors. PSAs, radio interviews, and newspaper stories — including in this paper — have started this process. However the group feels that repeated newspaper ads will direct survivors to apply for the benefits.

Beit Ahava VeTorah has no salaried staff or office expenses. All funds collected will go toward media advertisements to attract ghetto survivors to apply for this benefit. For more information, go to