My Father’s Coat and Hat

My Father’s Coat and Hat

Who he was...


table class=”caption”> image Leon Lazarus

The Leon Lazarus of his daughter Rochelle’s memoir was a writer and editor for Martin Goodman’s Magazine Management Company (with friends Bruce Jay Friedman and Mario Puzo), as well as for Goodman’s Timely and Atlas comic-book companies, predecessors of Marvel Comics. He wrote more than 800 comic-book stories from 1947 through 1965. Lazarus also wrote two popular “Nick Carter” detective novels, as well as Little Golden Books for children. His magazine work included more than 350 stories for adventure magazines Saga, Blue Book, and Coronet. Other book credits include “Lassie and the Lost Explorer” (Simon and Schuster/Little Golden Book, 1958); “Tales of Wells Fargo: Danger at Mesa Flats” (Simon and Schuster/Little Golden Book, 1958); “Nick Carter: The Turncoat” and “Nick Carter: The Jamaican Exchange”; and “Other Times, Other Places,” a memoir.

Born Aug. 22, 1919, in the Bronx, he was drafted in the U.S. Army in 1942 and did World War II service in Italy, teaching the use of the then-new radar technology for the Signal Corps. He and his wife, Marjorie, whom he married in 1946, had two children, Sherry and Rochelle. He died on Nov. 22, 2008.

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