Mr. Funny Guy — A Poem About ADHD

Mr. Funny Guy — A Poem About ADHD

Oh Mr. Funny Guy how you love to joke
Make a silly face or give a little poke.
Try to make us laugh, distract us from our work,
We find you funny with that twisted smirk.
Call out, stand up, squirm around,
The teacher doesn’t like it when
You fall on the ground.
Make a body noise or lean back in your chair,
You tell that girl she has ugly looking hair.
Your name goes on the board or she moves your seat,
So many classroom rules for you to try and meet.
Try try try but you’re in trouble does she say,
It looks like another no recess day.
Hold it all in and pretend you don’t care,
But deep down it starts to hurt in there.

Oh, Mr. Funny Guy when will you ever learn,
School is not made for boys that need to squirm.
Sit still. Don’t talk. Read your assigned book.
Stop it. Give him back that pencil that you took.
Oh Mr. Funny Guy you find school so lame,
Your body’s here but your mind in on that video game.
Concentrate. Focus. Not another D.
Turn yourself around. It’s a choice you see.
We know you can do it and that you’re smart,
Come on boy and start to do your part!
IEP or a 504,
These are things we give you to make school less of a chore.
The time is now and we’ve got your back,
We will do what it takes to try
To keep you on track.
Tutor. Counselor. The doctor, too,
Sometimes it’s hard to keep up
With you.

Oh, Mr. Funny Guy you are so fun,
Just learn to manage it and you’ll
Be the successful one.


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