More on the Teaneck Jewish Center

More on the Teaneck Jewish Center

I am writing in response to the editorial, “What were they thinking?” Unless the writer is a member of the Jewish Center of Teaneck, I think it is rather presumptuous of him/her to comment or almost want to dictate on the decision of the board to not sell the JCoT to Holy Name Hospital.

My family has been members of the Jewish Center since 1954. My parents were part of the group who grew the shul to the 1,400 members during the heyday. I have seen all the changes in Teaneck and at the Center. I am fully aware of the huge decrease in membership and the fact that the JCoT is struggling tremendously financially. However, I (as a board member) and the rest of the board felt very strongly that the JCoT remain in Jewish hands. I know that Holy Name Hospital has been very accommodating to the Jewish community in recent years. However, bottom line – Holy Name Hospital is still a Catholic organization. There does come a time when money should not be the deciding factor. Traditions, religion and a loyalty to the founding fathers and the history of the shul need to be first. If Holy Name owns the building it will no longer be a Jewish institution. It will be a Catholic institution that simply allows a group of people to hold Shabbat services there. I can only imaginee the forfathers rolling over in their graves.

We are the people who are affected – not the Holy Name people. We (the board) voted on and decided to not pursue the Holy Name proposal. And, unlike the Chabad/Heichal vote, which was a tie and then decided by the president, the vote regarding the Holy Name proposal was decided by an overwhelming majority. So, people at Holy Name, please accept our decision and stop trying to push us to do something that we all agree is not the correct decision for the Jewish Center of Teaneck and the greater Jewish community at large.

Holy Name Hospital is a fine hospital but not the right decision for the Jewish Center of Teaneck.